2020 Father Daughter Road trip to meet my parents

2020 was a strange year. Many people will remember the pandemic. For me this was the year that I drove through 20 states in 2020. The last 7 of those states to total 20 was a father daughter road trip down the east coast to meet my parents.

I was adopted at birth and I had minimal information about my birth family. As society was shutting down I found and talked to an Aunt on my father’s side. She connected me with my Mother whom I spoke with the first time in my life on April 7th. I talked to my father a day or two later. In August I planned an epic adventure with my daughter down the east coast with 2 stops for myself. One to meet my father and one to meet my mother.

Brianna and I Drove from Cincinnati to Asheville, NC spent the evening in greenville and camped at the state park. The next day I drove down to Greeneville, NC stayed the night with my father then the next night stayed at his parents home near Belhaven. It was nice dropping a line in the water. Have you seen the Netflix show Outer Banks? Its close to where that takes place only twice as beautiful. It was great meeting my father aunts uncles and one of my nephews.

The next day Brianna and I drive down to Charleston, SC with 2 stops along the way. First to tour a naval battle ship North Carolina and second lunch in Myrtle Beach. We spent the evening wandering the streets of Charleston dinner in town late evening coffee and then back to the campsite. It stormed that night. It was exhilarating.

The next day we made it down to Jacksonville, FL and met my mother. We chatted like old friends, went tubing in Ichetuckee Springs State park, Wandered St. Petersburg, went night kayaking in a bioluminescent water at night. Cyndee, Patrick, and Quigley came down from Gainesville for that event. It was great to spend time with some Seals on this adventure. I met one of my brothers that night too.

The next morning we drove into Cocoa beach, FL and wondered the town. This was the turning point on the adventure. It was time to start making the 2 day journey home.

A quick stop in Jacksonville to pick up the Jeep and Brianna ventured North to Savannah and stayed on Tybee Island, GA. That was some salty water but some of the best waves of the trip to jump around in.

The next morning we drove into Gatlinburg, TN setup camp 20 min outside of town and spent the rest of the day riding the tram to Ober Gatlinburg, visiting the taffy store and all the normal Gatlinburg stops.

This was an amazing adventure I can’t wait to go back and visit.