2021 Belhaven, NC

I took a last minute road trip to North Carolina to see my Biological Mother and Father, Aunts, uncles, one nephew and cousins on my father’s side and meet some of my mother’s friends from her hometown. I stayed at my paternal grandparents home. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I yearn to get away from the city and city lights, and background noise of the highway. I love good food and spending time with people, family and friends. Every morning I got up at dawn and was gifted a beautiful sunrise and peaceful water. I was able to build a few memories with the nicest family I never knew. I really am lucky in life. I was adopted at birth into the most wonderful loving home. in my 40s I met my biological family and was happy to learn that they are just as wonderful and loving as well.

I can’t wait to go back. The drive might have been 9-10 hours long but the changing scenery and audiobooks made that easy.

While I was there I visited Bath, NC. it was about 20 min from where I was staying. If you are in the area and or are a history buff, it’s worth stopping in and taking the tour.